About Us

A Simple Approach

Over 40 years ago Barnes & Company started out with a vision that focused on the need to specialize in the textile wiping industry by offering solutions to unique manufacturing applications. By offering custom, made to spec products and aligning them with a ‘just-in-time‘ shipping program, our products have remained a reliable staple for our customers. With so much of our textile industry being relocated abroad we have found that by keeping our technical wiping products “Made in the USA” lets our professional staff oversee each critical step during the manufacturing process and provides proud Americans with job opportunities.

Today you will find our products used all over the world. Whether it’s in the nuclear, shipbuilding, aerospace or military, you can be assured that whatever your application is, Barnes & Company has a solution for you.

Wiping Cloths Made in the USA

All Barnes & Company products ship in 100% recycled containers!