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Barnes and Co. has a wiping cloth to meet your needs.

These wipers are specifically designed to meet the demands of the power generation, nuclear refueling and shipbuilding industries. These wipers are 100% cotton, come in sanitary white, are highly technical, extremely soft and highly absorbent cloths. Each unit must pass stringent tests for water-leachable chlorides, sulfur, mercury, water-leachable fluorides, water-leachable Bromides, and Halogens.


Wiping Cloths Made in the USA

Nuclear Wiper Specifications

Our wipers pass and/or exceed the following specifications:

Water Leachable Chlorides are tested IAW ASTM D512 or Ion Chromatography

Sulfur is tested IAW ASTM D129, ASTMD1662 or Ion Chromatography

Mercury is tested IAW USETA Method 245.5

Water Leachable Fluorides are tested IAW DIW Water Reflux

Water Leachable Bromides are tested IAQ Ion Chromatography

Total Halogens are tested IAQ ASTM D808, ASTM D1179 or Ion Chromatography.

Lint-Free Diapers:

Our lint-free diapers are prepackaged, ready-to ship and offered in 24 dozen per case or 48 dozen per case.

Certified incinerable wiping cothsBoth wipers are certified incinerable.

19×19, Packaged 24 Dozen per Case

Part Number: 3444-B

19×19, Packaged 48 Dozen per Case

Part Number: 3445-B

Lint Free Filter Cloth:

MIL-DTL-24671 Cloth, Lint Free Wiper

The Beaver Creek filter cloth comes in a roll or wiper and meets military specification MIL-DTL-24671 and is
approved for use by Naval Sea Systems Command, the United States Navy and all departments and agencies under the Department of Defense.

Military Specification and Commercial Item Description
National Stock Numbers, Descriptions, and Part Numbers for MIL-DTL-24671:
NSN Description Size Part Number
7920-01-335-5068 Type I Grade 1 Class A 20×20 3521-20x20W
7920-01-498-8072 Type I Grade 2 Class A 20×20 3522-20x20B
7920-01-498-8082 Type I Grade 1 Class C 6×6 3520-6x6W
7920-01-335-5069 Type I Grade 1 Class B 20×30 3524-20x30W
7920-01-597-3427 Type I Grade 2 Class C 6×6 3523-6x6B
7920-01-498-8074 Type II Grade 1 Class C 6×6 3525-6x6WL
7920-01-335-5070 Type II Grade 1 Class A 20×20 3526-20x20WL
7920-01-498-5474 Type II Grade 1 Class C 12×13 3527-12x13WL
7920-01-498-8080 Type II Grade 2 Class C 12×13 3530-12x13BL
7920-01-597-3429 Type II Grade 2 Class C 6×6 3528-6x6BL
7920-01-498-8060 Type II Grade 2 Class A 20×20 3529-20x20BL
We believe that talking to our customers provides us with the opportunity to listen to your needs and match you up with the best product for your application. If you’re certain one of our wiper product lines is for you, simply give us a call, tell us how many units you need and where to ship. Really, it’s that easy!