Military/Aerospace Wipers

GSA Approved Wipers 25 years

The Beaver Creek Wiper has been one of the preferred general purpose wiping cloth products for the General Services Administration (GSA) for the military and aerospace industries for a quarter of a century.

Our Military and Aerospace rags are white, technical low-lint, and highly absorbent. Each batch we manufacture must pass stringent testing that checks for Weight, Oil Absorption, Surface Resistivity/Electrostatic Dissipation, Particles and Particle Contaminants.

 Wiping Cloths Made in the USA

                Wiper Specifications

Type I: Clean Room & Type II: General Use

Beaver Creek Low-lint cleaning cloths conform to MIL-C-85043A and CID A-A-59323A specifications and is specifically manufactured as a clean room and general use wiper.

MIL – Type I – For Clean Room Use – NSN 7920-00-165-7195

MIL – Type II – For General Use – NSN 7920-00-044-9281

    • Weight is tested in accordance with (IAW) ASTM-D3776, Option C
    • Oil Absorption is tested IAW Paragraph 3.4.1 of CID A-A-59323A
    • Surface Resistivity/Electrostatic Dissipation is tested IAW NFPA-56A or MIL-STD-3010 Method 4046
    • Particle Count is tested IAW 3.5 of CID A-A-59323A and FED-STD-791 Method 3009.3
  • Particulate Contaminants is tested IAW ASTM-F51

Our clean room wipers meet and/or exceed the following specifications:





MIL-C-85043 TY1







MIL-C-85043 TY2


Low-lint cleaning cloth dimensions:

Our NSN’s 7920-00-165-7195 Type I and 7920-00-044-9281 Type II cleaning cloths shall be between 201.5 and 310 square inches, except 10% may between 155 and 201.5 square inches and 10% may be between 310 and 403 square inches. The length of your Beaver Creek Wiper shall not exceed twice the width.

We believe that talking to our customers provides us with the opportunity to listen to your needs and match you up with the best product for your application. If you’re certain our clean room wiper is for you, simply give us a call and tell us how many units you need and where to ship. It’s that easy!